Lunch Menu



charcuterie board (for 2): [$25] 3 cured meats & 3 artisan cheeses with accompaniments & crostini
seared scallops: [$14] sea scallops served atop a sweet pepper & corn puree, brown butter
shrimp cocktail: [$15] 6 jumbo shrimp served chilled with lemon & homemade cocktail sauce
roasted garlic: [$10] served with roasted vegetables, topped in Parmesan & accompanied with crostini
lettuce wraps: [$12] teriyaki chicken, sesame slaw, mango habanero salsa, served in romaine lettuce cups
pan-seared aged mozzarella: [$12] crispy and bubbly with extra virgin olive oil and fresh parsley, served with crostini
– feta bruschetta: [$14] 18-year-old aged balsamic, fresh herbs, feta, tomatoes, crusty soft bread
toasted crostini bread: [$4]


  • tuscan kale minestrone [$6]                         kidney beans, kale, ditalini pasta, topped in parmesan
  • beef noodle bowl [$12]                                       beef broth, asian egg noodles, scallions, short ribs, poached egg, drizzled in chili oil

SALADS    Lightly dressed in our very own lemon vinaigrette

(premium balsamic, ranch, honey mustard, or blue cheese available upon request)              

  • house:  organic mixed greens, tomato, cucumber, parmesan, fresh cracked pepper  [$6/$10]
  • beet & goat cheese:  organic mixed greens & pistachios   [$12]
  • arugula:  prosciutto, parmesan & tomato  [$12]
  • chopped:  romaine, chickpeas, salami, greek olives, feta cheese, pepperoncini   [$12]
  • harvest:  organic baby spinach, apple, dried cranberries, almonds & blue cheese [$12]

{add grilled chicken +$4, add salmon +$7, add shrimp skewer +$7, add steak +$22}

 SANDWICHES   with hand-cut fries & a pickle  {substitute a side house salad +$4}

  • spicy salmon:blackened salmon, spicy mayo, avocado, red onion, spring mix [$15]
  • chicken salad:  roasted lump chicken breast, grapes, celery, lemon aioli   [$9]
  • italian:  salami, proscuitto, cappicola, mozzarella, pickled pepper relish, arugula, lemon vinaigrette   [$11]
  • chicken cheesesteak:  chopped chicken breast, béchemel cheese sauce, lettuce, tomato, onion [$11] 
  • mushroom cheesesteak: portobellos, béchemel cheese sauce, onions [$11]
  • steak cheesesteak:  thinly sliced top round, béchemel cheese sauce, sautéed fried onions   [$12]
  • vegetarian:  grilled portobello mushroom, sautéed onions, swiss, tomato, avocado, hummus   [$12]
  • BLTA: bacon, lettuce, tomato, avocado, spicy mayo [$9]
  • roast beef: melted cheddar cheese, pickled pepper relish, horseradish aioli  [$12]

PREMIUM BURGERS^      cooked until juicy & delicious (about Medium) and  served on a Kaiser with hand-cut  fries & a pickle   

  • classic:  american cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, spicy mayo   [$10]
  • bleu:  blue cheese, crispy bacon, grilled onion, sautéed mushroom   [$12]
  • cali:  swiss cheese, avocado, tomato, fried egg   [$12]
  • bbq:  cheddar cheese, crispy bacon, fried onions, barbecue sauce   [$12]

^consuming raw or under-cooked foods may increase chances of food-borne illnesses